dijous, 3 de juliol de 2014

Jacques Thibaud & Tasso Janopoulo: La Fontaine d'Aréthuse

Polish composer Karol Szymanowski (1882-1937) wrote his three Mity (Myths) classical pieces in 1915, in a collaboration with violinist Pawel Kochañski, for whom the pieces were originally conceived. this work was revolutionary, described as "impressionistic" and "a new style, a new mode of expression for the violin." The three pieces were "La Fontaine d'Aréthuse," "Narcisse" and "Dryades et Pan," of which the first is the most well-known. To my knowledge, there's no specific story that is supposed to go with La Fontaine d'Aréthuse," but here Dimitri Kirsanoff has apparently attempted to devise his own. Fitting the images to the music, but also striving to tell a story, 'La Fontaine d'Aréthuse (1936)' follows his similarly music-orientated short film of the previous year, the wonderful 'Les Berceaux / The Cradles.' Like the latter, it was also photographed by Boris Kaufman, who would later achieve success in Hollywood as a cinematographer.